Porus One for cats

How Porus One works

Healthy cat with normal kidney function

Cats eat protein from which uraemic toxins are naturally produced.  

These are then filtered by the kidneys and excreted in the urine.

Older cat with impaired kidney function

With increasing age or disease, kidney function might be impaired.

As a result, the excretion of uraemic toxins may be reduced, leading to potential accumulation in the body.

Porus One

Porus One is designed to help bind the precursors of uraemic toxins in the intestine, before they reach the kidneys, to then be passed via the faeces.

Porus One for cats

What does Porus One consist of?


Porus One consists of Renaltec.

Renaltec is a selective carbon-based adsorber that is shaped into tiny spheres.

Porus One is free of preservatives and additives and is excreted in the faeces. It is neither metabolised nor absorbed and does not accumulate in the body. 

Renaltec is composed of tiny, black homogenous spheres with diameters of 0.1 to 0.3 mm. Each sphere has a smooth surface and is perforated by numerous pores. The spherical shape and the inner branched channel system create a large adsorption capacity.  

Precursors of uraemic toxins may be trapped inside the spheres because of an opposite electrical charge.

The pores are manufactured to be so tiny that only very small molecules, such as precursors of uraemic toxins, can enter the sphere´s interior. Particles with a larger diameter, such as vitamins, enzymes, or cells, are less able to enter.

Supporting kidney health in cats

Supporting kidney health


The Renaltec spheres help trap precursors of uraemic toxins to be excreted with the cat’s faeces, with the aim of supporting the kidneys.

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