Porus One: Frequently asked questions

Porus One is administered orally. Add the content of a 500 mg sachet to wet food and give it to your cat once daily.

If the cat only accepts dry cat food, mix Porus One with a small amount of something moist, that is hopefully your cat´s absolute favorite. It is often easier to administer this in advance of regular food when your cat is hungry.

Simply tear open the top end of the sachet, empty the content on the food and mix well. 

There is no restriction on administering Porus One when it comes to age or sex.

Indoxyl sulphate, para-cresyl sulphate and other uraemic toxins are the natural degradation products of nutritional proteins and are regularly excreted by cats via their kidneys.

As Porus One helps to trap the precursors of uraemic toxins in the intestine, long-term use to support kidney function makes good sense.

Porus One consists of Renaltec. Renaltec has a high capacity for adsorbing small molecular substances, such as the precursors of kidney toxins (e.g., indole, phenol and p-cresol).

The precursors of uraemic toxins is excreted with the faeces instead of being absorbed via the intestines, metabolised by the liver and excreted by the kidneys.

Porus One is neither broken down by acid in the stomach nor absorbed by the intestines due to being too large in size, but instead is excreted via faeces.

Porus One was purposely produced in the form of spheres, with a smooth surface, to ease the passing  through the intestines, and with tiny, molecular size pores that permit maximum adsorption. The contents of the daily sachet are  equivalent to the surface  area of 3 tennis courts.

The size of the pores mean only very small molecules can pass through and bind to the surface. Such molecules include the precursors of uraemic toxins, such as indole, phenol and p-cresol. The electric charge of the spheres facilitates binding of these toxins.

The pores are too small to allow large molecules, such as vitamins, to pass through.

Porus One remains in the intestine for approximately 12 to 36 hours depending on the speed of intestinal transit.

Porus One can be applied alongside any kind of food. However if your cat receives a dry diet please see the “how to use” section for some useful tips.

Unfortunately some globules remain on the inside of the sachet pack after emptying. However, the weight of the product inside the pack takes this into account and is specifically chosen to ensure that a sufficient amount of Renaltec is administered.  

You don’t have to, but adding the contents from one sachet to one of your cat’s daily feeds is sufficient.

Porus One itself is not absorbed. Administration of more sachets may result in  binding more of the uraemic precursors, but will not harm  the cat. That is also why the  recommendation for administration is the same for all cats regardless of body weight.

If your cat only accepts dry food, try to find a small amount of a tasty moist treat  to help administer Porus One.

Porus One consists of 100% Renaltec. Renaltec is a selective carbon-based adsorber of precursors of uraemic toxins. It does not disintegrate in the gastrointestinal tract and is excreted in an unchanged form via the faeces. It has a smooth spherical shape that is gentle on the intestinal villi and does not cause digestive problems.  The spheres have pores of a specific, set size, leading into an inner channel system inside which increases the surface area. The charged precursors of uraemic toxins are physically bound inside this inner channel system.

Renaltec, the ingredient in Porus One consists exclusively of carbon. As carbon is a naturally occurring element the risks  are quite negligible. The environmental risks posed by the precursors of uraemic toxins bound into the carbon, such as indole, p-cresol and phenol, are also negligible; all three substances are natural degradation products, especially in carnivores and also in humans. All of the excreted precursors of uraemic toxins, such as indole, p-cresol and phenol, biodegrade 100% within just a few weeks.

The image of 3 tennis courts serves to illustrate the vast surface area of such a small 500 mg portion of Renaltec. A tennis court is approximately 23 m long and 11 m wide, which is just under 260 m². Three tennis courts have a total area of approx. 750 m².

The surface area inside the Renaltec globules is greatly increased by the creation of an inner channel system.

However, the vast adsorption surface area is just ONE of the important properties that defines Renaltec. Equally important properties are the product’s small pore size of 2 nm, the electrostatic charging in the microchannels inside the Renaltec globules and the smooth surface that enables the globules to “roll through” the gastrointestinal tract.

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