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The phosphate power binder

Catney® One - improves renal function

Catney One is a feed supplement that improves kidney function in cats with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI*) and reduces phosphate absorption.

*CRI (chronic renal insufficiency) and CKD (chronic kidney disease) are frequently used synonymously, whereby CKD is the more recent term for the condition.


Catney One is easy to use

One stick a day sprinkled over the cat's food. 

It is also possible to distribute the daily dose across two or more of the cat's meals.

Tear open the stick at the top end tip

How to open Porus One sachet

Sprinkle the granules over the cat's food

Instruction on how to pour Porus One contents from sachet

Mix the granules thoroughly with the cat food

Instruction on how to mix Porus One contents with cat food

Serve the prepared food mixture to the cat

Catney One: Top Tips

A sachet of Catney One should not be used if it has been opened for longer than one day; after that, please dispose of the sachet.

Catney One can be administered in combination with Porus One. To learn more about Porus One, click here

Catney One should always be mixed thoroughly into your cat food. Failure to do this may result in the smell of the cat food being concealed by the granulate, therefore making it less appetising to the cat. 

Catney One can also be dissolved in liquid.

Catney One can be left 'ready mixed' into fresh cat food for up to one day.

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