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For the support of feline kidney health

Uraemic toxins originate from
essential amino acids

Cats unlike dogs, are strict carnivores and they depend on the intake of protein-rich food. Protein metabolism leads to a large amount of waste product, including uraemic toxins, which are typically excreted by the kidneys.

Porus One has been developed to support kidney health.

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Porus One

Porus One contains Renaltec®, a selective carbon-based spherical adsorber designed to help trap the precursors of uraemic toxins.

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Renaltec - example of the spherical absorber trapping uraemic toxins

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How to use Porus One


Porus One is easy to administer to your cat:


Mix the contents of 1 sachet of Porus One (500 mg) with wet food once daily.


Porus One is both taste and scent neutral which means it is tolerated by most cats.

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Porus One

For the support of feline kidney health

A box of Porus One contains 30 sachets which equal one daily administration for one month.

Porus One can be obtained from vets.

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